The Performance Pro / Microsoft Teams integration puts performance at the core of conversations.

Employees can set their personal preferences across a number of engagement categories, and adjust in real-time as business is occurring within your organization.

Managers learn: how to best work with employees, how engaged employees are with their work overall, and of real-time changes to employee engagement to optimize communications specific to areas most significant to employees.

Improve the manager/employee relationship and the overall employee experience with Performance Pro Teams App Engagement.

  • Integrated with Microsoft Teams
  • Real-time engagement data
  • Enhance manager/employee communication
  • Turn your business managers into better people managers
  • Monitor and increase employee engagement
  • Improve the employee experience



Employee engagement is crucial for organizational success. Engaged employees are motivated, productive, and committed to their work. High engagement reduces turnover, boosts morale, and ultimately leads to higher performance, growth, and overall business prosperity. Performance Pro’s new employee recognition tool ensures engagement is meaningful by linking recognition feedback and rewards to competencies, core values, and goals.


  • Recognition that is integrated into your performance evaluation process by linking feedback to your specific performance appraisal criteria (core values, competencies, goals)
  • Points that are redeemable for gift cards
  • Set target goals with point rewards, encouraging employees to work towards specific targets to earn points.
  • General kudos for additional employee engagement and peer recognition
  • Badge creation for unique kudos that display on employee profiles throughout the Teams app

What Performance Pro Can Do



  • Real-time API integrations with HRIS, such as ADP & Paylocity.
  • Daily SFTP integrations with nearly every other payroll provider.
  • Employee data transfers seamlessly from payroll to Performance.
  • New hires, terminations and position changes automatically update to save you from duplicative work.
  • New hires in your payroll system can trigger performance processes automatically. (New Hires Evaluations/Onboarding Evaluations)
Contact support for help with integrations: support@hrperformancesolutions.net
  • Payroll is the employee source of record-feeding employee data and compensation data.
  • After merit increases and bonus allocations are processed and reviewed in Compensation, the updated compensation information is sent back to payroll seamlessly.
  • Payroll is the employee source of record-feeding employee data and compensation data.
  • Performance passes employee data and performance metrics to advanced analytics for deep dive analysis on employee potential, overall performance ratings, goal achievement, and performance on key position-specific competencies.
  • From the analysis, development plans can be created in Performance for candidates who will be potential fits for a given position.
  • Performance is the Talent Management Data hub, sending real-time employee data to Learning.
  • Link Learning content to performance management processes (compliance courses to new hire evaluations, training content to performance improvement plans, skills training to development plans, etc.).
  • Pre-mapped course content relating to competencies from the Competency Library come with the application.
  • Customize and map your own course content to Competencies.
  • Automatic course assignments based on performance ratings(Set courses to assign automatically when predefined thresholds of performance ratings have not been met).
  • Employee data and hierarchy passes to the Engagement App for Microsoft Teams Users.
  • Managers can see real-time engagement analytics for their team.
  • Managers can hold informal check-ins with team members, and click one button to send check-in notes back to Performance Pro.
  • Employee data and hierarchy passes to the Recognition App for Microsoft Teams users.
  • Performance evaluation criteria passes to the Recognition App for Microsoft Teams users.
  • Real-time recognition or general kudos can be given on specific components of the performance evaluation.