1. Strategic Leadership Development Learning Library

There are many kinds of leaders. Therefore, leadership development should not be a generic one course fits all solution. Our strategic leadership development library provides a plan of learning content specific to the type of leaders being developed in your organization.

Access learning plans for:
  • Leaders of Remote Workers
  • Millennial & Gen Z Team Leaders
  • High Turnover Position Leaders
  • Senior Leadership
  • Temporary/Contract Worker Leaders
  • Customer Centric Leaders
  • Emerging Leaders
We provide the most engaging e-learning course experience on the market with:
  • Motion Graphics and Animations to highlight the subject matter.
  • Textual motion enhancements to increase retention of content.
  • Gamified knowledge checks.
  • Micro course content with course experiences ranging from 12-25 minutes.

A full library designed to equip your leaders with the skills needed to effectively manage, engage and retain talent in your organization.

We also provide access to the subject matter expert for consulting engagement work, virtual or onsite, to implement programs or conduct workshops with your group.


What The Learning Center Can Do



How we integrate with Performance:
  • Performance is the Talent Management Data hub sending real-time employee data to learning.
  • Link learning content to performance management processes (compliance courses to new hire evaluations, training content to performance improvement plans, skills training to development plans etc..)
  • Pre-mapped course content to competencies from the competency library come with the application.
  • Customize and map your own course content to competencies.
  • Automatic course assignments based on performance ratings.  Set courses to assign automatically when predefined thresholds of performance ratings have not been met.
  • Add competency based learning to your new hire, 30, 60 or 90 day evaluation processes.
How we integrate with Performance
ATS/onboarding Tools:
  • Link an onboarding learning plan to your onboarding process.
  • Add courses from our HR compliance library of content to your onboarding process.
  • Add competency based learning to your new hire, 30, 60 or 90 day evaluation processes.
ATS/onboarding Tools